Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forever the Fringe.

I found this lovely top at Forever 21 for $8.99. I have found tops for much cheaper than that but this top was originally $22.80 making its sale price very good. The great thing about buying this sweater is that it is great for fall so even though it was on sale during an end of summer sale I still have plenty of time to get use out of it. The sales at Forever 21 always vary as to whether you can find good things at cheap prices or not. Last time I went there when I purchased this sweater they had a bunch of great finds! They key is digging through what they have on sale to find the pieces where there are only one or two left because those items generally have the lowest prices. Happy Thrifting! For an outfit post featureing this sweater visit my blog Isabella's Fashion. :)

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